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Preserve Nevada

Preserve Nevada is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Nevada’s cultural, historical, and archeological heritage.

The diversity of Nevada’s heritage, its historical boom-and-bust cycles, the current dynamism of its economy, and its rapid growth present Preserve Nevada with unique challenges and opportunities. The Preserve Nevada Board of Directors, an experienced and committed group of preservationists, developed this effective and sustainable organization to help identify and meet the special needs of Nevada’s preservation community.


A Brief History

Preserve Nevada was conceived in 2001, and has 501c3 nonprofit status. This status comes from a relationship with the UNLV Foundation. All of the funds raised by Preserve Nevada are managed by UNLV through the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Vision of Preserve Nevada is for Nevadans to understand and appreciate the irreplaceable value of historic buildings and places and their relevance to modern life in our diverse and growing state. We encourage Nevadans who promote careful stewardship and active use of these diverse resources and recognize the economic and social benefits of preservation. We aid communities where new development complements and reinforces thriving main streets, downtowns, mining districts, and historic neighborhoods, contributing to a healthy and enriched human--and humane--environment. Learn more here.


Each year we name Nevada’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. We rely on the model established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The goal of this list is to bring attention to significant buildings, sites and landscapes that are threatened and to gather support for the effort to record and preserve the history of our unique state. 

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